We do our best to provide our customers with as many extras as possible to aid you in your financial security and journey. Having access to as many sidekick’s is our main goal, and we strive to provide many options for just that to have in your back pocket.

Our debit cards are accepted worldwide at any ATM machine that is a member of either VISA or Plus.

VISA Debit Cards

Now you can have all the advantages of an ATM card plus the convenience of making purchases without cash and without writing a check. You can use your debit card at our ATM machines in Ponca City and Tonkawa and nearly 100 7-Eleven stores around the Oklahoma City area with no foreign item charge.

  • First National Bank of Oklahoma Debit Card is accepted worldwide where ever Visa is accepted
  • No monthly fee
  • $1000 per day purchase limit
  • Point-of-sale (POS) transactions – no charge
  • Foreign ATM Fee $1.00* for Monetary or Non-monetary transactions
  • Replace lost/damaged card $5.00 (Refer to Visa Debit Card application disclosure for approval requirements and limitations; account type determines annual cost of card)

*Additional fees may be assessed by terminal owners.
*To replace a lost/damaged METAL contactless debit card, a fee of $40 may be assessed.


No monthly fee

Point-of-sale (POS) transactions – no charge

Card control capability inside our mobile app

Monetary transactions

Card Controls

  • Think you may have temporarily lost your card? Have access to turn your card on/off when needed
  • Set what types of transactions are allowed on your card at any time to avoid card fraud
  • Set regions on the map that purchases are allowed to be made
  • Set spending limits for your safety